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car repair ashford

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Car Repair Ashford

If you find yourself having to repair your car constantly and it’s beginning to feel that your vehicle is more of a burden than a benefit, then the chances are you don’t have a clear maintenance plan in place. The good news is you can save yourself from this headache by choosing D&D Autos – your leading car repair Ashford garage.

Ongoing servicing and repairs are sensible ways to protect your investment and ensure that you don’t end up with larger, avoidable repair bills. D&D Autos offers a wide range of services to ensure that our clients are safe whilst still enjoying performance and efficiency from their cars.

To stay on top of your servicing and maintenance, contact D&D Autos today – We are the local, independent garage for all your car repair Ashford needs.

car repair ashford

Why choose D&D Autos for your car repair?

We’re an award-winning, independent garage in Ashford with over 35 years of experience repairing and maintaining our client’s vehicles. Our specialist technicians are trained to offer outstanding service and repairs to all models, including cars, vans, petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid vehicles.

With our extensive evaluation process, expertise and knowledge, we offer our clients a unique experience in ensuring they receive the first-time fix every time – saving them time and money. Our team specialise in all makes and models of vehicle, making us your local Ashford specialists in car repair, servicing, diagnostics, and maintenance with access to specialist equipment.

Contact our team today and let us take care of you and your vehicle.


The engineering and design of cars has evolved massively over the last 20 years, and with that in mind, the role of a mechanic has also had to evolve.

We continue to train and learn, allowing us to become expert technicians equipped to deal with all aspects of your car repair, including all electrical faults.

D&D Autos use a unique 15 step evaluation process with every vehicle, which allows us to get to the root cause of the fault. This means we remove the guesswork and give our clients a first-time fix. Our team will ensure that the vehicle is in prime condition, and we guarantee we will replace no parts unnecessarily.

Call our team to book your Diagnostics Ashford evaluation today, and we will be happy to help.


We are all aware that brakes are essential in keeping you and those around you safe, but they also play a role in maintaining control of your vehicle. The slightest change in stopping distance or a change in steering control can cause accidents that can be easily avoided.

If you have noticed a change in the responsiveness of your brakes, we recommend you have them checked straight away to avoid further damage and a possible accident.

For brakes Ashford, contact D&D Autos and book in your full brake service today.

car repair ashford brakes


A flat battery is one of those inconveniences that can be easily avoided by just listening to your car.

If you have noticed a change in battery power or lights’ dimming, contact us immediately to book in for your battery service as soon as possible.

We use only premium batteries to give you the peace of mind that your vehicle will work as it is supposed to.

For all things car batteries Ashford – D&D Autos have got you covered.

car repair ashford suspension

For car repair Ashford - Contact D&D Autos.

We’ve got you covered.


Your car’s suspension system is there to not only give you a smooth ride from the inevitable speed bumps and potholes we face every day on our roads. But the suspension system is also vital in providing steering and handling stability, creating friction between your tyres and the road.

Have you noticed any change in your steering? Does your ride feel a little less forgiving? If so, we recommend you have your suspension checked as soon as possible.

For your suspension Ashford check Contact D&D Autos and let our expert technicians get you back on the road today.

car repair ashford suspension

Clutch & Gearbox

You don’t have to be a mechanic to know how specialist a clutch replacement can be. That’s why our team of technicians are highly trained in all manual, semi-automatic and automatic gearboxes, giving our clients the peace of mind that they are in safe hands.

Are you having problems with your clutch or gearbox? Have you noticed a whirring noise or burning smell when using the clutch, or have you noticed that you repeatedly miss gears? If so, contact our experts today and let us help.

When it comes to clutch or gearbox Ashford repairs – Call D&D Autos today.

car repair ashford clutch & gearbox

DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter

The Diesel Particulate Filter is in place to reduce emissions and keep you within the strict standards set. A faulty DPF can cause an MOT fail and costly repairs.

Maybe you have noticed a cloud of thick smoke coming from your exhaust or a dip in your vehicle performance? We recommend that you have one of our experts take a look and allow us to give your car a full diagnostic evaluation.

Noticing changes in your diesel vehicle? Let D&D Autos complete your DPF Ashford assessment.

car repair ashford dpf

For car repair Ashford - Contact D&D Autos.

We’ve got you covered


Exhausts can become misplaced on rougher terrain, and rust is a common problem. A faulty exhaust can cause a poor driving experience and causes issues with acceleration and emissions, leading to an MOT failure.

With our knowledge and experience, we work to repair the problem early and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Need help with your exhaust Ashford? Contact our team for your exhaust service.


When a bulb goes, it’s a pretty obvious problem fixed by the changing of a single bulb. But if you start to notice the problem is in more than one light or your internal lights have started to dim or even stopped working altogether, it could be a sign of a circuit or electrical fault.

Whether it’s checking a fault or changing a bulb, we are happy to help.

Save yourself the cost and headache and contact D&D Autos for your full lighting Ashford service.


Advanced Driver Assistance systems is a group of systems that control safety features within your vehicle. As cars become more sophisticated, ADAS has become a standard feature.

As we become more reliant on ASAS, it can significantly increase your risk of accidents when it is faulty. A reason to get your ADAS checked as soon as you notice a problem with the system. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to care for your ADAS, making your safety our priority.

For your ADAS Ashford service, contact our experts at D&D Autos today.

car repair ashford adas

For car repair Ashford - Contact D&D Autos.

We’ve got you covered

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

With Hybrid & Electric vehicles becoming more common on our roads, garages have had to move quickly to care for the complex electric/hybrid cars. Our specialist technicians are ahead of the game – we are fully equipped to cover all your electric vehicle needs.

Our bespoke Hybrid & Electric service is here to ensure you maximise the potential of your electric vehicle.

Looking to service your electric vehicle Ashford? Call D&D Autos to arrange your service today.

car repair ashford electric vehicle

Customer Feedback

  • Paul Toomey

    8th January 2024

    Brilliant service. Staff are great and always helpful.First class 👍🏻

  • Terry Haigh

    8th January 2024

    Great Service as always, friendly and informative staff and a warm waiting area for a coffee whilst waiting. Would highly recommend.

  • Rodney Wilson

    30th December 2023

    D&D Autos were very accommodating with an urgent MOT issue. I had previously been to Halfords for an MOT which failed and they were unhelpful in trying to resolve the issue. D&D was recommended by a friend and they kindly agreed to investigate on an urgent basis. They reset the lambda sensor, MOTd the vehicle - job done. The staff were courteous and kept me informed of progress. Would... Read More

  • Richard Allingham

    3rd November 2023

    Great staff. Always reliable and do their best to help you out when you forgot your MOT was due

  • Colin Duncan

    1st November 2023

    Just to reinforce all the positives on here. I find them always professional, personable, interested and as a bonus, always able to fix at a fair cost any issue my old car throws up. Please do not use them as some day, we will struggle to get booked in. Thanks as always.

  • Jamie Elliott

    1st November 2023

    D and D autos are always polite, helpful and professional. Both myself and my wife have been using D and D for about 10 years and have never had any negative issues.

  • Anita Dray

    28th October 2023

    Friendly and very professional. Would highly recommend

  • Steve Oliver-Ham

    27th August 2023

    Great garage, with knowledgeable staff.
    So popular that it can take four weeks to get a repair slot, but worth the wait (if the fault is not serious)
    Will definately use again.

  • Jenny Sarah58

    26th August 2023

    Staff friendly and very helpful. Don't rip u off. Go above and beyond. Have bought several vehicles here and trust them 100%. 5 star service. Would highly recommend.

  • Fortyacre Baron

    25th August 2023

    Originally had service and MOT at the end of April this year. Today I noticed there was a problem with my air filter box and rang to raise my concern. Invited over same day for someone to have a look at the problem. Full inspection carried out, problem identified, options discussed and work carried out. Couple of hours later picked my car up with nothing to pay! Incredible service and very... Read More

  • Emma Hughes

    2nd August 2023

    Honest and trustworthy. Take time to explain everything and never make me feel inferior. All work has always been carried out to high standard and at good value.

  • Chris Ewbank

    7th November 2022

  • Shelagh Varley

    6th November 2022

    Excellent service, as ever. They have looked after my cars for years. Have never let me down. Always polite,friendly, and efficient. Never patronising. Very good in a crisis!

  • Roberto Di-duca

    31st October 2022

    Car had poor performance. D&D was able to very quickly locate fault and repair. They were very supportive and kept us informed of progress and cost along the way. Excellent service from D&D.
    Highly recommend to others.

  • T Red

    2nd September 2022

    All ways great service from start to finish and friendly staff happy and super helpful. Steve on reception is a real star

  • Lynne Heath

    15th June 2022

    Very impressed. New engine after timing chain failed, had other bits done at same time. It took quite a long time but was a huge job and I was kept up to date with progress calls. No issues at all after collection, absolutely perfect. Not cheap but you get what you pay for and I wanted a top job. Would recommend.

  • Linda Ellen (Pickle)

    16th May 2022

    From the booking of the MOT to the final bill, the service, not just for my car, but for me as a customer, was excellent. I felt valued as a customer. The facilities for waiting were very comfortable. The polite and amicable nature of the staff, so refreshing. Thanks guys.

  • Alan Frederick Taylor

    19th March 2022

    Having moved into the area recently I was recommended to D & D by a neighbour. I have used them twice now and am hugely impressed by their excellent customer service and helpful staff. Their free local drop off/pick up service is also a great touch especially for one-car families like ours and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

For car repair Ashford - Contact D&D Autos.

We’re here for you.