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wheel alignment ashford

Wheel Alignment Ashford

Your tyres and wheels are what connect you and your vehicle to the road. And with tackling unavoidable potholes & speed bumps every day, your wheel alignment will no doubt be affected.

Wheel alignment is key to enjoying a smooth ride as well as keeping you safely on the road. When wheel alignment is out, you will have uneven wear and tear on the tyres, leading to uneven contact with the road surface and potentially causing an avoidable accident.

As well as offering you greater safety, correct wheel alignment can also keep your car running as efficiently as possible. So if you have noticed a change in your steering or any difficulties in steering control, contact D&D Autos to arrange your appointment today.

D&D Autos is your local independent garage specialising in wheel alignment, tyres, servicing and repairs.

wheel alignment ashford

Why choose D&D Autos for your wheel alignment?

D&D Autos have been working on clients’ vehicles for over 35 years, keeping our clients safe on the road with their expertise in all aspects of car servicing and maintenance.

We are Ashford’s leading garage in wheel alignment and tyres with our expertise and access to specialist equipment. Our team specialise in wheel alignment and we work to ensure the safety of our clients whilst offering them great value for money.

An award-winning garage at local garage costs.

What is 4 wheel alignment?

Whether your vehicle is a 2 or 4 wheel drive, it is key that wheel alignment involves the adjustment of all 4 wheels. This is done by fixing the front and rear axis as well as the suspension.

Completing a 4 wheel alignment will ensure better vehicle safety, optimise performance and extend the lifespan of tyres and other key steering components.

wheel alignment ashford

How much does wheel alignment cost?

Prices for wheel alignment in Ashford vary depending on your vehicle and the level of work needed. Please get in touch with us to find out about your wheel alignment appointment.

How do I know if my wheel alignment is wrong?

You can perform some simple checks that should let you know if your wheel alignment is wrong.

– Is your car pulling to one side?
– Are your tyres squealing when driving?
– Does your steering wheel appear crooked when you are driving straight?
– Is your tyre noticeably worn in one section?

If you have any of these issues, your alignment is probably out.

Contact D&D Autos to arrange a wheel alignment check as soon as possible.

wheel alignment ashford

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